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Modern day gorgon anyone?

Obviously since it’s currently winter, the snakes would need to stay cozy too.  Either they can stay curled up under my hat or sport their own winter gear.  On a regular basis they’d help me remember the little things, you know, keys… charlie card… the essentials (anything they could pick up on their own).

Fun fact, they’d all get party hats for birthdays too.

Eeeek Mari! Ahh the little snakes have scarves oh man

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*thinks of cute person* *smushes face into pillow* *melts*

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oooooookay! the books are up to date, and now i can do something that’s not accounting hahaha

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woah calm down im just trying to date your dad

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truest thing i’ve ever drawn.

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Junk food tights


Hell yes

tt needs these

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